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Smooches: Love that Lasts

Making a life-long commitment to another is not for chickens.  The good times can be marvelous.  A new job, a raise, a promotion, a new baby, new house- all are reasons to celebrate and its wonderful to have a partner to share it with.  But life isn’t always like that we know.  Jobs are lost, money can be tight, children come with issues or don’t come at all, a spouse is deployed to a combat zone – there are so many challenges that you can face in a lifetime.  I’ve truly found that, for me, having my partner beside me has made the bad times easier to face even if not easier overall.  When good things happen, he’s still the first person I want to tell or share it with.  We made a commitment and because we both were sure of it, we’ve held strong even when it was the hardest thing to do.

But we’ve been together a little over 30 years.  This couple has been together for over 60 years.  Life has given them the sweet but also the bitter.  They remind  me of a quote I once heard.  An older man was asked what the secret of his marriage was.  He replied, ” I never considered divorce.  Not once.  Murder a few times but never divorce.” After the photo was taken, they enjoyed a shared laugh.   Who wouldn’t be envious for a life led together like that?

M and M Kiss





There is something about young love, the early fascination with each other, the magnetism you can almost touch between them.  But there’s something even more special about couples who have been together for years, who have layered the early fascination with a deep, shared history and strengthened the magnetism with an abiding trust in each other.  They have, in most cases, passed by the stage of the PDA (public displays of affection).  That does not mean that the affection is gone.

I’ve been collecting photos of couples who have been together for years .  Each was asked if they would let me take two photos, one of each kissing the other on the cheek.   This is not the raciest of PDAs and the results  showed some embarrassment, as their eyes met in shared humor at the request. The results, while not stunning photography, were humorous and warm insight into  relationships that have lasted.

To be fair, I’ll start with my better half and I.  Obviously, someone else took this picture but the result is what gave me the idea to collect these smooches shots. So, in time to look forward to Valentine’s Day, I hope you enjoy the Smooches.

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Have a Heart and Lend a Hand…and a “Like”

My cousin, Victor, recently had a long-awaited heart transplant.  Learn more about it in the last few posts here, including “The Ultimate Gift”, “The Heart of the Story” and “Heart Break”.    He continues a slow steady improvement and is patiently doing necessary rehab while he recovers from the surgery.  His family has asked if  we could spread the request to go to the Facebook page, “Praying and Playing for Victor” and “like” it for him.  He’s following the page and enjoying the comments and likes and the family is trying to get as many likes as possible.  If you followed his surgical path and it moved you, or if you just want to help entertain a man while he heals, this is a perfect opportunity.

And remember to become an organ donor.  Then make sure your family knows.



“…The Eyes are the Real Organs of Love”

 I wrote this fun little poem years ago, but thought I’d share it today.

Our eyes have met; I think they’re glued.
I just can’t get my eyes off you.
Even when you’re not with me,
You’re still the only one I see.
But when I’m with you I can tell
Your eyes are stuck on me as well.
And by the way, I know its true ,
The rest of me likes the rest of you.

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Happy Birthday!

The fact that my birthday is in April does not influence my statement that people with April birthdays tend to be charming and bright.  They were born in the spring, for one thing.  While a winter baby is covered and sheltered and a summer baby is protected from the heat, a spring baby is exposed much more to the world around them.  The extra  stimulation contributes to their intelligence.  Charming?  I just attribute that to the people I know.  Male or female, Aprils are just charming (I explicitly omit Adolf Hitler from this statement).  Consider: Thomas Jefferson, Carol Burnett, Kelly Clarkson and my youngest daughter, MB.

From the time she was small, MB’s birthday has been (in our house) known as The National Holiday of MB’s Birthday.  By the time she was 3, the planning started the day after the previous year’s birthday and the excitement would begin building from there. I use the past tense because she has become more mature about it as she’s aged.  But as a child, this charming girl started planning her birthday party a year ahead. It wasn’t so much about the gifts.  No, they were nice but not the important part.  I think it was more the sense of a celebration of “me”. The celebrations didn’t need to be big.  They just needed to be.

First Birthday:  As is the family custom, there was a birthday dinner with the grandparents.  This is not a ho-hum event in our house.  You get to pick the menu which should make you admire the grandparents who came even when dinner was creamed chipped beef.  She wasn’t crazy about the cake that year but this would change in time.  She did love a magic show we went to that day, including the loud music to which she clapped along and all the children around her

Second Birthday:  The big celebration was a trip to the circus.  She had a wonderful time. We had a family picture made and ate cake. Her favorite part of the day, without a doubt, was going to McDonald’s for lunch with her best friend, Bonnie.

Third Birthday: This was the first birthday which truly was the National Holiday of MB’s Birthday. She requested a “ballet bunny birthday” so we tried. Like so many little girls, she fancied herself a ballerina and danced, with or without music, all the time.  Her party then featured a ballet video and lots of dancing.  There were only 2 guests and I had made little tu-tus for all 3 girls, pink, purple and teal.  Most gifts had a ballet theme which she loved.

Fourth Birthday: By this time, life had expanded outside of our home – there was preschool, Sunday school and friends.  Her birthday celebration, then, needed to be expanded. So she took cupcakes to school, Hershey’s Kisses to Sunday School, the usual family dinner with the grandparents and a party with friends, featuring games and crafts. While she still liked ballet, Minnie Mouse had also become a favorite and was the decoration on the cake.

Fifth Birthday: As the National Holiday of MB’s birthday rolled around, MB was in kindergarten where she had bloomed.  She still also loved ballet and was taking lessons.  So cupcakes went to school, lollipops to ballet class. The big family dinner took place as usual although there was no big children’s party this year.

Sixth Birthday: Up until now, the birthday parties had been at home.  But this year,between school, Girl Scouts, swim team and other friends, we counted heads (9)  and went to Chuck E. Cheese instead. She had a great time. Also, donut holes went to school and candy treats went to ballet class. Of course, there was still the official family birthday dinner, too.

That’s how the National Holiday took root.  By the time it was her seventh birthday, I was no longer logging the events. But still, the build-up to the actual day, the planning and anticipation, were what made her birthday such an event in our family. One year, she was into magic, and all the party guests learned tricks and put on a show. One year it was laser-tag.  Dinner and a movie was a popular choice in middle school.  Dinner meant at a restaurant with no adults at the table.

This was considered to be very mature. One year in early high school, MB and Bonnie celebrated her birthday by going to their first concert. The celebrations required less parental involvement.  Activities such as sports sometimes made big celebrations a challenge. For her 18th birthday, she took a friend with us on a Spring Break trip to the beach with a nice dinner out on the actual day.

Now that she’s in college, even the family dinner had had to go by the wayside.  She is, as I said before, a charming and mature young woman.  She no longer spends a year in eager anticipation of the next birthday.

I miss it.  Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.