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So Long, Sandy

Sandy is moving away from my area.  I will be interested to see what the neighborhood looks like in the light of day.  We have power lines which run behind our house and something was sparking back there all night. Every time the wind really kicked up they would touch something which made the loud “BOOM”, sounding like a blown transformer and our power would go out.  It came back each time but by the time it did and we settled down from the shock, it would happen again.  Praise be that we never lost our power altogether.

This was an amazing storm.  In size alone but also in intensity.  But though I could go in detail about how it hit my area, but then there’s New York.  Have you seen the picture of it dark?  They had to turn off all power in Manhattan, a hospital had to be evacuated and the subways are flooded.  Six million people have no power over all.  Then there’s Ocean City, Maryland and other shore towns up the coast.  Beaches have been destroyed, along with piers and other coastal properties.

We need to see if  there’s any roof damage, if any trees have fallen or branches have done damage.  We need to see if all the sparking we saw in the back last night left any evidence. But we didn’t wake up to the house on fire or a tree laying across the upstairs and we have power, light and heat.  I am humbled and grateful and will immediately find a way to help someone who wasn’t that lucky.  Thanks for caring.