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Good-bye and Thanks

This is my final post.  I started blogging in 2012, spelling out the experiences of my step-father as he served in World War II ( onemansjourneythruww2.wordpress.com ). Once that was complete, I wanted to try my hand at a more personal blog.  I’ve posted over 100 times and I’ve learned some things:

  • I’m not as funny as I think I am.
  • I don’t have a voice which moves other bloggers online.
  • I’m more private than I thought I was.

Sisters Dad

I love the blogging world and will be checking in now and then.  But after looking at how many drafts I’ve started that I’ve not published because of my privacy or someone else’s, I decided I’m more of a journal keeper than a blogger.  Believe me, the audience of my journal finds me funny, and is fascinated with what I have to say.  And I have no privacy concerns with keeping a journal.  So thanks for dropping by and giving me a try.

Last bit of housekeeping:  To my most constant blog follower:  I love you.  Thanks for your faithful support.  A sister is a special gift in a crazy world.



An Award!

Liebster Award

My most humble thanks to Terry1954 at www.terry1954.wordpress.comfor nominating me for the Liebster Award.  I say humble because Terry is a loving caregiver of her dear brother, Al but has taken the time to share her experiences on her blog and still has a big heart for others in a similar situation.  She also is frank with me as I try to learn what awaits me since I have Parkinson’s Disease like her brother.  Stop by her blog if you haven’t; you can’t come away without being touched.

 As with most awards there are rules, yes just like when we were in school and at our work. We are to thank and link to the one who was gracious enough to nominate us.  Easy.

I am to nominate 11 others and let them know of what you have done for them and answer the following questions.


What first inspired you to start writing a blog?

I quit my job a while ago to allow more time to exercise.  That may sound decadent but exercise is the number one best way to stave off the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease and between work and family, I just couldn’t find the time needed to aggressively fight back which I wanted to do.  I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to do other new things and one of those was to write a blog.  I let months go by when I couldn’t pick a topic or angle. That changed when I found  a treasure trove of my deceased step-father’s World War II souvenirs, journals and so on.  So I started, Al’s War:  One Man’s Journey Through WWII . I loved doing that but wanted more flexibility in topics so started Facets of Lucy.

What is the biggest challenge you have had to face when writing a blog?

My biggest challenge is balancing topics which are personal for me with the privacy friends and family are entitled to.

If you traveled through time, what time would you want to arrive at and why?

I’d go back to 1982, the year I married my husband.  It was the best gift I ever received and the best move I ever made.

Do you prefer to eat chocolate, sweets or neither?

Chocolate with a nice glass of dry red wine.  Yumm!

Do you prefer to read or write?

I love to read and I’d love to write even more if I felt I had the talent for it.  I wrote one small part of one piece of fiction and have never figured where to go with it.

What is your favorite non-fiction topic to read about and why?

Stories of courage and bravery among those who were victimized during World War II.  I think we have a lot to learn from them.  We’re a bit naive assuming such savagery couldn’t reoccur in so-called “first-world” nations.

If you could buy one book that would help you solve a problem in your life, what would it be and why?

A Bible that has every problem that could ever happen and the verses right beside it that match the topic.  That’s what Terry answered and I can’t argue with it.  Its the perfect response.

Do you prefer to write at night or during the day?

I have time during the day and can do research freely since my time is my own.

If  you could be any character fromI  a book, who would you be and why?

Okay, understand that this may seem sacrilegious but its not meant that way.  I would like even 5 minutes to be God (from the book, the Bible, just in case you’re wondering how I got there) .  I’m not saying I’m at all worthy or qualified but I’d love to experience being all-loving, all-knowing and all-understanding.  I think I would just stand there with my mouth wide open, saying “OH!!!!”.

Do you prefer to read a printed book  or an e-Book?

I have them both but hands down I love actual books for the feel, the covers, the convenience and the ability to share with others.  Its the difference between a friend close by and a pen pal.  My Nook is good for the gym and at night especially, when I can change the font size or the light needed.

.For my nominations of the beautiful, pink award I would like to pick the following:

MomintheMuddle.com   She’s a great mom who makes me miss my kids when they were younger and at the same time reminds me why I’m glad they’re grown.

Thediaryofareluctantmother.wordpress.com     She’s funny and her son is adorable.  That’s all it takes; I’m just that easy.

Thecheekydiva.com   She makes me laugh.  That’s enough but her blog is also well-written and entertaining.

Theshakylady.com  Her stories of navigating life with Parkinson’s move me and entertain me.

I’m supposed to nominate 11 ladies but I find that many of my favorite blogs are done by fellas.  So, while I reserve the right to tap somebody in the future I will go for quality over quantity this time.  Thanks again.


Who Researches Boo Radley’s House?

Some time ago, I happened upon a house which reminded me of Boo Radley’s house , from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. I thought it was fun to use as a topic for a blog post.  It was a bit of a one-off; I certainly didn’t think it would become the #1 most consistently unusual  search term to bring traffic to my blog. But it is exactly that.  Children world-wide must be given assignment to write about Lee’s book.

Photo - Lu Desrosiers

Photo – Lu Desrosiers

Now, maybe this looks like a shameless attempt to get more hits on the blog, today, but I really am curious:  What is the strangest or most unusual yet consistent search term that has led people to your blog? Won’t you share with us?

And, if you landed here after researching the term , Boo Radley’s house, will you tell us why in the poll below?

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Today’s Gripe: Hotels

I am so proud of my son who will graduate this May from a well-respected state university.  My husband and I are looking forward to going to the ceremony. It’s been a happy four years for us and for our Engineer.  But we have run into something that drives me crazy..  All the hotels in town and for a 20 minute drive in any direction have jacked their room rates up and added two- or three-night minimums.  That means that your basic Quality Inn, for example, is $300/night for two nights, plus a hefty room tax that the city imposes .   This is not unique to this town.  When our Engineer’s oldest sister graduated from another school in the same state, we had to stay in a hotel 20 minutes away, premium rates at a hotel which did not deserve them.  And it’s not just graduation;.  When one of our biggest football schools has home games, the hotels for 30 minutes around jack up the prices and stick to the minimum stays.

Why do they do it?  Because they can.  Because they know that there are fewer of them than us.  When another of our children went to a large out-of-state university, we expected the same at his graduation.  No, that didn’t happen there.  It turns out a much greater percentage of their student bodies are in-state and close enough for families to drive for the day. It was busier in town, to be sure, but not in the hotel business.

I’m not looking for any regulation or government interference.  We have more of that these days than ever before.  But there are families having a hard time finding a place to stay to attend their child’s graduation, hiking up the rates just makes it all the harder.  The locality a hotel is in provides them with their business.  I wish they showed some gratitude by NOT trying to take every last dollar out of our pockets.

We’ve looked at renting homes that people make available for such occasions in the area but none were available.  We’ve networked with our children’s friends to see if any off-campus apartments will be available since classes will be out before graduation but it didn’t pan out.  Is this unique to our area?  Have you experienced this price inflation?  Do you have any ideas to get around it?


We just want a place to rest our heads.


Daily Prompt: Explain a Complicated Subject to Someone Who Knows Nothing About It

Come on in!  I know the space is a little tight in here but there’s not much we can do about that.  No, I am happy to take the time to teach you how to do it.  So many people are reluctant to even try to learn.  There’s something very complicated about it, apparently.  I guess it’s both an art and a science.  I have never struggled with it but so many people I know have.  It would seem from my experience that there might be some genetic issue, here.  Men seem to struggle with this task more than women.

Okay, let’s start with the basics and gather our supplies.  Usually, they are found  close by where they are actually needed, within reach, you might say.  The “roll” you are looking for is a white cylinder shaped item.  Here’s a photo:

Great, you found it!  Now, you are going to place it on the holder designed just for this purpose.  The holder has two major parts.  There is a small cylinder which has two small extensions, one on each end, usually made of wood, metal or plastic.  The cylinder is made of two pieces which overlap with a spring inside.

Yes, that’s it!  Squeeze the two ends together.  See?  Now, the other component is the actual holder.  Some stand alone and some are hung on the way but all of them have small indentions on each side.  Pick up the small cylinder and try to squeeze it and fit the two extensions in the indentions  on the holder.  Very good!  Now, squeeze the cylinder again to remove it from the holder.

This next step is critical.  Pick up the roll of toilet paper.  You will notice the paper is wrapped around a cardboard tube.  You will pick up the cylinder and feed it through the cardboard tube.  Then, just squeeze the cylinder again to find the extensions through the indentions on the holder.

Look what you have done!  You have replaced the toilet paper!   Well done.


Daily Prompt: What is the One Thing I Hope No one Says About Me?

I was raised by a woman who cared greatly what others thought about her.  My parents had divorced and she alone had custody ( a normal result at the time) so I give her credit upfront for raising 3 children alone.  But good or bad, our behavior was measured in large measure by possible public reaction.  If I received an award, accomplished a goal or did very well in school, there was no acknowledgement from her directly.  Rather, I would hear her brag about it to a family member on the phone or a neighbor or friend.  Punishment, though, was instant and direct.  I remember when I was little, that the use of dirty words resulted in getting soap in my mouth.   Other “bad” behaviors resulted in “the belt”.  That’s right. I would be hit on my backside with a belt.  You may have heard the classic parent line which accompanied spanking, “This is going to hurt me more than it hurt you.”  No child ever believed it, and even less so when the parent’s hand doesn’t feel the acceleration or pressure applied by the belt.  As I aged, the challenge was to display no reaction – no tears, no screams, nothing.   Once I got to college, I never moved back home, not even to the same town, again. When I had children, I swore not to raise them at all like I’d been.  I bought books which I studied and compared and came up with my own way to raise my children.  I’ve told them flat-out that I had no good example and, so, had to figure it out myself.  They’re all young adults and we have good relationships.

What’s the one thing I hope no one ever says about me?

All together now:  “You’re JUST like your mother.”


Back on the Road Again

Blogging has had to take a back seat to real life for a while.  For the last couple of months, there’s been an awful lot of travel required.  Some of the travel was for happy obligations but some was definitely not.  Traveling to take care of an older family member 5 hours away, traveling to help raise money for a relative who needs a heart transplant, and, most definitely heartbreaking, traveling to attend the funeral of a dear friend – none were easy trips to make.  Trips which took us to see loved ones who’ve returned after months away and trips which took us to other happy celebrations were obviously not as hard.  But what they have in common are hours after hours in the car, filling the gas tank again and again, expensive and not all that comfortable hotels and eating out; packing, laundering, and arranging for pet care which also costs.

But as tired, broke and busy as we are right now, we feel  involved, loved, useful and happy.  Hands reaching out for a hug, a hand or a visit are hands attached to hearts we love.   So while posting may still not happen very often, I thought I’d share some of the fall sights I’ve seen along the way.  I hope you enjoy.