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Lucky Number?

A few days ago, I went to a store to purchase the software to use to file our taxes.  The price on the package was $74.99.  I groaned but carried it to the register.  When the clerk scanned it, the price on the register came up as $69.99.  She noticed the difference and re-scanned it, then went in to the wider system to find out why the price difference existed.  She couldn’t find any backup for the higher price on the tag.  Finally, she rang it up at $69.99 which reduced even further with the instant rebate offered.

Then today, I went to a sporting goods store to buy a Valentine’s gift for my beloved husband.  I found the item I wanted and the price was right – $39.99.  I had a $15 coupon so the price would actually only be about $25, a great deal.  So I went up to the register and waited for my turn.  Finally, the clerk reached for my item and rang it up  – at $69.99, which is the price in their system.  She called a manager over and he declared that the price tag wasn’t one of theirs, as if I carried around a price tag maker in my purse.  He called back to the department and asked them to check the price on the items still on the shelf.  They did and all the bags were priced at $39.99.  He okayed the transaction and I walked out even happier with my purchase than before.

So, the price $69,99 has shown up twice in a week, in transactions where the price was disputed.  In both cases, I ended up paying less than that amount. How odd is that?  Here’s the question:  Should I play the lottery with my 4 lucky numbers- 6, 9, 9 and 9?