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A Modest Proposal

What happened in Boston last week was horrific.  The injuries suffered were beyond cruel and I feel horrible for those who lost loved ones and for those injured as well as family members and all of Boston who were affected by this.  What I write below is a bit tongue-in-cheek and in no way is to make light of the terrorist attack or the injuries or loss of life.  It is intended to make another type of point.

It’s time for the US government to take action.  This past week has shown us all a weakness in the federal system for protecting Americans.  If we learned anything from the Boston attack is that we need much more oversight in two areas: pressure cookers and nails, to insure this never happens again.

Obviously, pressure cooker violence is real and poses a great danger to our country. Who really needs them?  Only people in farm country, putting up their jars of fruits, vegetables and jellies for the winter and those people should have legitimate recipes which have been verified by national security staff.  Therefore, no one in Boston should have one or be able to sell one.  And if you move into a no-pressure cooker area, the federal government needs to know.  For that reason, we also need to register current and future owners of pressure cookers.  Even good people with acceptable reasons to use pressure cookers might have mental problems that might make them poor candidates to own a pressure cooker.  For that reason, I suggest background checks before selling pressure cookers, even when purchased at home parties such as those given by Pampered Chef.

Nails obviously can no longer be sold freely on the open market.  They caused a lot of true pain and misery in the Boston attack. We need to track back to see where the nails were sold and who sold them to the terrorists.  Nails should be registered by manufacturers and sales should be limited to people who are trained in hammering nails and can prove they have a legal and acceptable project which has been approved by the federal government.  How will we know they are properly trained?  Obviously, the federal government needs to set up government- sanctioned hammer safety classes, and issue hammer licenses which can be shown along with the paperwork approving your acceptable and government-approved project permit when you go to buy nails at Home Depot, Lowes and other retail outlets.  Anyone attempting to buy nails that are not the correct size for the project, or try to buy more nails than needed should be reported to the Department of Homeland Security.  If they are buying drywall nails and have a permit for making a picture frame, DHS needs to know immediately.

This may seem extreme to you. But if we can save even one life, a few extra regulations are certainly worth the inconveniences.  Unlike other products regulated in the United States, there is no right in the Constitution or its amendments to own or use either pressure cookers or nails.  Please contact your Congressional representatives immediately.

Thank you.