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Thank-snow-giving 2014

Its lovely, its peaceful but the timing is all wrong for gathering the family together.  These beautiful images were taken by a family member whose home backs up to the Skyline Drive in Virginia (and may still be checking this semi-retired blog (Thanks!)).  Enjoy, unless you’re from an area that just had 7 feet of snow or more.  You’ve had enough, I’m sure.

photo 2-4


photo 3-2photo 1-6


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Lost in the Details

This Weekly Photo Challenge, Lost in the Details, asks us to take a closer look  at what is around us.  I knew immediately what I wanted to show.   Caution:  The details photograph may make you extremely hungry.

Big Picture:

IPhone Download 29 July 2012 040

Yum!  Fresh from the garden; I love springtime.  But look at the close-up. Even better!

IPhone Download 29 July 2012 038


Back on the Road Again

Blogging has had to take a back seat to real life for a while.  For the last couple of months, there’s been an awful lot of travel required.  Some of the travel was for happy obligations but some was definitely not.  Traveling to take care of an older family member 5 hours away, traveling to help raise money for a relative who needs a heart transplant, and, most definitely heartbreaking, traveling to attend the funeral of a dear friend – none were easy trips to make.  Trips which took us to see loved ones who’ve returned after months away and trips which took us to other happy celebrations were obviously not as hard.  But what they have in common are hours after hours in the car, filling the gas tank again and again, expensive and not all that comfortable hotels and eating out; packing, laundering, and arranging for pet care which also costs.

But as tired, broke and busy as we are right now, we feel  involved, loved, useful and happy.  Hands reaching out for a hug, a hand or a visit are hands attached to hearts we love.   So while posting may still not happen very often, I thought I’d share some of the fall sights I’ve seen along the way.  I hope you enjoy.