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Have a Heart and Lend a Hand…and a “Like”

My cousin, Victor, recently had a long-awaited heart transplant.  Learn more about it in the last few posts here, including “The Ultimate Gift”, “The Heart of the Story” and “Heart Break”.    He continues a slow steady improvement and is patiently doing necessary rehab while he recovers from the surgery.  His family has asked if  we could spread the request to go to the Facebook page, “Praying and Playing for Victor” and “like” it for him.  He’s following the page and enjoying the comments and likes and the family is trying to get as many likes as possible.  If you followed his surgical path and it moved you, or if you just want to help entertain a man while he heals, this is a perfect opportunity.

And remember to become an organ donor.  Then make sure your family knows.




The Heart of the Story

What a weekend its been for my cousin, Victor, and his family.  After a long wait for a heart transplant, he had to watch it go to someone else  because of issues with his gall bladder.  His mood was good but he was, of course, very disappointed.  But this was an unfinished story.

It turned out that another heart was available the very next day and it looked like an 80% chance it was a good match.  In time, doctors verified that this heart was indeed a good match and plans for his surgery  were a go.  This time, luck was on his side  That and quality health care insured that the surgery went well.  Victor, at long last, has a new heart!  The next couple of days are critical and he will be watched closely.  Victor’s wife, child and immediate family are relieved and rejoicing that the last 72 hours has given this good man a new chance at life.

The ordeal was such a learning and touching experience for our family and so many friends.  Victor’s siblings have worked incredibly hard holding fundraiser after fundraiser to help with their brother’s growing medical expenses.  They gave of their time and they gave of their musical talent as did so many of their friends.  It was a study in how a family can be at its best. As religious people, it also gave them a chance to live out an example of what faith can do.

Are you an organ donor yet?  Go to Donate Life.  Then tell your family so they know your intentions.




The Ultimate Gift

As I write this blog post, there is a group of gifted surgeons, nurses and other support staff replacing the heart of my cousin with the heart of someone no longer with us.  This heart is such an amazing gift from a family you know is grieving.  Victor’s immediate family is gathered around at the hospital and praying like crazy for a successful outcome.

These are the cousins I wrote about a few posts ago,” The Good Cousins”.  Please keep all of them as well as the donor’s family and the medical personnel making this miracle happen in your thoughts and prayers.

Are you an organ donor?  Go to www.http://donatelife.net/  or www.organdonor.govin the United States to find out how to make another miracle happen.  Then be sure your family and friends know your intentions.