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I lost another girlfriend to cancer this week, my college roommate, a bridesmaid in my wedding. Many of us are experiencing the not un-common regrets of letting everyday life interfere with keeping relationships close. In this friend’s honor and, as a reminder for us all, I am reblogging a very early post about girlfriends.

Facets of Lucy

A friend of mine from college passed away from cancer at the painfully young age of 25.  Of course, during her years of suffering, friends helped with her medical appointments, brought meals, all the things one does at such a time.  After she passed, we formed a team in her honor for local cancer walks.  I remember walking along with her mother at one of the early ones when she was expressing her gratitude for her daughter’s girlfriends.  “Girlfriends”, she said, ” Are more valuable than you know.”  She said that it was easy in college to have your girlfriends, but it got increasingly harder to maintain those relationships as we get older.  All the new stages of adulthood – marriage, children, work, work while married with children – make it harder and harder to find time for your friends.  You still consider them your friends, and yet they fall…

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